Bring a bottle of Water and a small sweat towel, we have both available at the studio or purchase for your convenience.  Our Spin® Bikes accept SPD Cleats to clip in or the shoe baskets flip over for regular tennis shoes.   

Class Description


This is our signature 45 minute beat-based, calorie burning ride consisting of jumps, sprints, climbs, pushups, with hand weights on the bike.​  Get your mind in the zone and let your body follow the beat!  45 Minutes is all it takes to change the way you look and feel!​​     Feel the Beat ~ Enjoy the Ride

​​​​​​​SPIN & SCUPLT 
​​This high-energy class blends your 45 minute high intensity Spin session with a combination of sets of hand weights on the bike adding strength, toning and sculpting to your ride.  No Challenge ~ No Change! ​​

​An intense 45 - 60 minute road based ride with hills, jumps and sprints. No hand weights.  Transform your stress into sweat, and take your Spin game to the highest level! Free your mind and your body will follow! 

ALOHA RIDES​  ~ See Previews Below

We will take you on an exclusive MAUI Virtual ride created by us to make sure you really do Enjoy the Ride on your MAUI vacation! Ride the famous THE ROAD TO HANA or do the DOWNHILL HALEAKALA CRATER in the safety of our indoor cycling studio with a full on MAUI experience!  These rides are also our signature 45 minute beat-based ride!   No Jackets or Helmets Needed!​​


We're always looking for ways to exceed our riders' expectations and we know that music helps keep riders engaged and focused. This is an exhilarating 45 minute ride that blends our signature Mind Body ride style with a super exciting nightclub party vibe. Here we take you on a visual journey of hand selected videos with an upbeat Party Playlist or HOLIDAY theme ride! ​  


High Intensity Spin intervals with intense "Boot Camp" like segments every other song!  It's where fat blast meet sleek, sexy muscle building.  Cardio Burn Plus!  Take this 5:30 Pm Friday class and you are ready to head into your week-end guilt free!  You earned it ~ Enjoy!  

Class is limited ~ Please reserve online!  Please bring a towel and a Yoga Mat Class is 45 minutes!


Who says ladies can't have guns? And we all want a tight core and abs, right?  Arms, Abs & Awesomeness takes our riders to the next level with these high intensity 30 Min. Classes.  Targeting Arms, Abs & Glutes with hand weights to tone and reshape in one workout routine.

Get ready to SEE your body change!  Please bring a towel and a Yoga Mat. Class Space is limited!


When Pilates meets weights, you get Pilates Sculpt!  The class will focus on a variation of the Pilates mat workout and transitions into sculpting by using light weights and focusing on arms and legs.  As the class progresses, focus moves into hip mobility, abs, belly, and core. This class will help develop a strong inner core while sculpting long, lean       muscles.  All fitness levels welcome!  

Please bring a towel and a Yoga Mat Class is 45 minutes!


A new twist on Yoga with Julie Mitchell! Join Julie for a FUN  60 Min. Yoga Class with optional weights.  "The weights are a game changer" says Julie. This class will sculpt your entire body, help you find balance, flexibility and develop strength.  Your regular Yoga practice will definitely be enhanced from this class!   

Please bring a towel and a Yoga Mat.   Class is 60 minutes!



The unforgettable road to paradise also known as HANA (Heaven in Hawaiian)! Journey with us as we bike ride along the winding roads to Hana and into the Bamboo Forest and the hike to the Waterfalls.


You don't have to wake up at 3:00 am and drive up in the dark, and then freeze to see the AWESOME sunrise and bike down the crater......Now you can experience this amazing ride with us!!!  ​It's an action packed 45 minute virtual ride, look on our schedule for it!   NO JACKETS NEEDED!  


This ride takes us to Hana via back roads!  If you like the road less traveled, join us here and you will experience a side of Maui many miss.  An unforgettable ride to paradise.